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Lamar Viro Protekt
On  foliar application to the point of dripping, the active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the plants and  due to enzymatic action the virus inside the cell is exposed and gets deactivated. The anti fungal elements like Clove  Bud  Oil and Ginger Extract prevents fungal attacks on leaves. Due to this unique action, the spreading  of virus  is stopped  so that the tender leaves and sprouts are prevented from infection by virus. The enzymatic action also ensures healthy sprouts and leaves and speedy growth  in order to facilitate adequate leaf area for photosynthesis and required energy for the plant to survive this virus attack.

Mix  100  gm  L’amar Viro Protekt  in  100 liters  of  clean   water and spray on leaves to the point of dripping, uniformly immediately on noticing the viral occurrence . Apply second spray after 4 days and the third  and  fourth  spray after  7  days interval  in the same manner. Use of neem based insecticide along with L’AMAR VIROPROTEKT will  ensure  reduction  in  insects / pest  population thus reducing the virus vectors. In case the plants are severely affected by insect attacks,  use a  chemical insecticide prior to using VIROPROTEKT with a neem product, by a gap of 1 day.

Apply first spray one week prior to flowering and second spray at the time of flowering and third spray after 10 days of the second spray in the proportion of 250 to 500 gm L’AMAR VIROPROTEKT per hector.

Tomato, Brinjal , Capsicum, Ladyfinger, Papaya, Cotton, Leafy Vegetables, Banana.Use of  standard wetting agent is also recommended for spraying.

100% Natural product .
No side effect.
No harmful residue.

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